Best Endurance Kettlebell Workout -

Best Endurance Kettlebell Workout

This circuit training with kettlebell develops endurance, engages all muscle groups, and at the same time tests your coordination and willpower!

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight and burn fat or gain muscle mass and develop strength, kettlebell training is one of the easiest ways to get your body in shape. And even if your goal is to develop endurance, we have the best circuit kettlebell workout just for you.

Kettlebell is one of the best training equipment – especially for a home gym – that you can use in your gym workout too. For this endurance workout, you will need a kettlebell weighing between 12 and 16 kilograms and the ability to swing with this shell.

This kettlebell workout includes three full-body exercises and will definitely help you develop strength and aerobic endurance.

General principles of endurance kettlebell training:

Weight of kettlebell: 12-16 kg.
Number of laps: 5.
Rest between laps: 1 minute.

Endurance is not only about functional training, although it is of the utmost importance. Movements that target all muscle groups, combined with short rest periods, will test your heart and lungs, coordination and willpower.

1. Chest lifting and plyometric squats

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place a kettlebell between your legs. Take the shell with your right hand and lift it to your chest so that the fist is near the chin. Do a squat to parallel, rise in an explosive style, lower the kettlebell to the floor. This is one rep, you have to do three of these on the right side, after which you need to change your hand.

endurance kettlebell training

2. Kettlebell swing and jerk swing

The starting position does not change – your feet are shoulder-width apart, you stand straight, the weight lies between your legs. Take the kettlebell in your right hand, bend in the lower back, swing the projectile back (A), then swing the kettlebell with one hand. Immediately make another swing, but now to shoulder height and catch the kettlebell on your chest in a snatch position. Lower the kettlebell, bend in the lower back, make the third swing, but at the top, lift the kettlebell over your head so that the arm is straight and the wrist is facing outward (B). Lower the kettlebell to your chest, then to the floor. This is one repetition. Do three reps with your right hand, then switch sides.

endurance kettlebell training

3. Rotation of the kettlebell around the head with side lunges

In the starting position, the feet are slightly narrower than the hips, the knees are relaxed, the body is tense. You hold the kettlebell with both hands with the handle down at chest level. Move the weight around your head counterclockwise and return to the sternum. Then lunge to the right, lowering the pelvis to the left heel and extending the right leg; push off the heel and return to the starting position. Do three reps on the right side, then switch legs.

endurance kettlebell training

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