Andriol is one of the more modern steroids. If its analogues began to be used by athletes in the distant 60s and from that moment received practically no changes, then Andriol began to be supplied to the market by the end of the 80s. The steroid has a unique set of qualities and beneficial benefits, thanks to which athletes actively use it during preparation for competitions, as well as to improve their own strength performance.

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For andriol, the price remains affordable, which you can verify from personal experience by leaving a request on the site right now. The catalog of available drugs is constantly expanding so that every athlete can purchase the steroid that will help him:

  • gain muscle mass;
  • get rid of subcutaneous fat;
  • get leaner and venous muscles.

Taking the drug does not have a toxic effect on the liver, which is one of its main advantages. Andriol is able to aromatize, but does so in a minimal amount, so the conversion to estrogen will be negligible. Another reason to use this medication will be that it is very quickly excreted from the body. For this reason, the preparation for the competition will be even more effective.

The course of the drug andriol in bodybuilding

An individual choice of dosage is always a more effective solution when compared with using standard proportions. Typically, andriol is used in amounts up to 480 mg per day. For beginners, the best solution is to reduce the dosage to half of this amount. If the athlete is not sure about the contraindications, then you can start with a dosage of 120 mg and go up to 240 mg, checking the effect of the drug on the body. 120 mg per day is the dosage that can be used by women.

The drug helps to improve the physical characteristics of a bodybuilder, for this reason it has found wide application in sports. Athletes use it to increase muscle mass, as well as accelerate recovery between strength exercises. During the course, it is recommended to draw up an effective training program and develop a diet that helps build muscle.

Despite the variety of drugs available on the Internet, athletes are far from always able to find high-quality pharmaceuticals. Many companies do not check the products they receive, which can lead to negative results. Our firm treats such issues responsibly, so customers can be sure that they receive original products that will produce the desired effect.

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