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5 techniques for pumping champion hands

Method 1. Slow repeats

The initial technique implies the concept of intensity. This is the key training factor that will enable you and your hands to acquire new volume, beauty, and, accordingly, strength. If you want your arms to begin to grow, you should constantly “load” them well, and this is not at all about weight, which many are trying to load, taking such advice literally. We suggest that you listen to your muscles well. We recommend that you perform the repetition as if it is the only one in the entire exercise.

Try to close your eyes. Try to forget about everything, feel your triceps or biceps. Start in the exercise only at the moment when you completely immerse yourself “inside” your body. Do the first repetition slowly, then also slowly move to the second. Feel yourself and your body. Tell yourself that the second rep is the beginning, the first hasn’t happened yet. Perform each set (rep) as if it were the first time!

pumping champion hands

Method 2. Variety of training

Many novice bodybuilders often ask the question “Why aren’t muscles growing? Why does everything stay in one place? ” A similar problem concerns a fairly wide range of hardware fans.

The thing is that many of us can perform the same exercises for years, rightly believing that this will bear fruit and solve the eternal question “how to effectively pump up our hands?” However, this judgment is not entirely true. Yes, in this way you can perfectly strengthen muscles, increase endurance. However, significant muscle growth can be expected for years. And the whole problem, in this case, is the body’s habituation to stress. Agree, when the exercises are performed according to a certain scheme, which a person does not change for about six months or a year, the body simply begins to get used to it, and you should not expect the necessary load on the muscles. It is for this reason that you need to immediately assimilate a certain moment that will not allow such a mistake to be made: “Modify the workout!”

This expression implies partial rearrangement of the exercises. In some cases, individual athletes prefer to radically change the training of a particular muscle group by placing loads on other days. You can also increase the speed of performance of repetitions, increase the number of sets themselves. Thus, you can achieve a significant improvement in results, since the body will not be able to “get used to” and the muscles will work at full strength at maximum load. After all, it is known that a certain set of exercises “works” for no more than one and a half months. Proceeding from this, it is necessary to change the methodology in due time.

Technique 3. Alternation of exercises

In general, supersets for your hands are the best technique. However, a combination of muscle exercises such as triceps and biceps can be done in a slightly different way. The efficiency does not decrease from this, but, on the contrary, increases.

Remember: all exercises must be alternated! The movements themselves, not the sets of certain exercises. For example, you can take the French press with dumbbells and the barbell curl for the biceps. Initially, you do about five sets of lifts, then rest for about three minutes, and then five sets of bench press. After – rest again and return to five sets to the rise.

In such a technique, one muscle “waits” for the other muscle significantly longer than in the superset, recovery is more efficient. Ultimately, you can gain about twenty-five sets in just one single workout. Amazing, isn’t it?

This unique technique does not need to be supplemented with other exercises at all. In this simple way, you can effectively pump up your arms quickly enough. Just practice it two or three times a month and the results will not be long in coming!

Slow replays

Method 4. Time to recover

Try to train your arms twice in the first week, once in the second.

Many of us have heard that muscles large and small take different periods of time to recover. This inference is logical, since high weight contributes to more destruction of muscle cells than low weight. For this reason, recovery takes a long time.

For example, we can recall that in the Middle Ages, people believed that the Earth was the center of everything. The sun revolves around her. Just imagine what kind of courage of human thought was needed to confirm the opposite! For this reason, we suggest that you imagine right now that the modern rules for muscle recovery are wrong: small muscles require maximum rest time.

Try to “pump up” your arms twice a week, then once, then two again, then one again. Believe me, this technique will give its results very, very soon! Your hands will be able to add in strength and “mass” completely unnoticed by yourself.

Method 5. Training with a partner

To successfully complete this technique, you will need to prepare a barbell and a partner similar to your strength.

Now face each other, half a meter away. Take a good barbell, do the arm curl (biceps) exercise as slowly as possible. Then pass the projectile into the hands opposite to the standing partner to perform the same exercise in the same way. Then pick up the bar again and lift. Work as much as you can.

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Interesting thing! A few days ago, you barely lifted the barbell for biceps ten times, while in the last two repetitions you gritted your teeth, thinking that they would just crumble from tension and pressure. And today the result is 30 times! And the whole secret is that there is a partner in front of you who simply does not want to give in! Pure psychology.

It is advisable to carry out such “meetings” no more than twice a week for one month. Every week, you can increase the weight of the projectile by 1.5-2 kilograms, which will help you to effectively pump up your arms.

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