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15 Minute Staircase Workout

You have free sports equipment near you, with which you can train at any time. It’s a staircase! In just 15 minutes, you can develop real strength in your legs and abdominals, clear your mind and sweat.

It happens that the very thought of going to the gym becomes uncomfortable. What if you need to practice, but you really don’t want to go to the gym and study surrounded by a crowd of people? Find a flight of stairs and a fun 15-minute sweatshop workout on the stairs in your pocket. All it takes is a pair of sneakers and a good plan!

Below is one of our favorite stair workouts. It is short, heavy and unique in terms of load. Use a flight of stairs with at least 10 steps (more is better). For each exercise, do 3 to 5 sets. Rest as much as you need to, but remember that reducing rest will help raise your heart rate and burn more calories.

If you’re new to fitness, some of these exercises can seem dauntingly difficult. We only ask you to try it! After that, do what you can do. If you have more experience, increase the intensity and you will see that this workout is giving you a fairly heavy load!

Workout on the stairs in 15 minutes

1. Warm up: 5 minutes

Make circular motions at the joints clockwise and counterclockwise, take a downward dog or cobra pose, jump in place, climb stairs, or whatever to warm up.

2. Running stairs: 3-5 sets

Run up the stairs. Try to run faster each time. Run down or go down at a step.

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3. Jump Squats on the stairs: 3-5 sets

Stand at the bottom of the step, feet hip-width apart. Sit down. When you get down to the squat, jump to the next step. When you land, sit down as deep as possible. Continue squatting and jumping until you are on the top step. Run down or walk. If it is too difficult, jump to the first step and immediately go down.

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4. Climbing stairs in a semi-squat sideways: 3-5 sets

Stand at the bottom step with your right foot facing the stairs. Bend your legs into a half squat. Step up one notch with your right foot. Stay in a half-squat position. Raise your left foot one notch with your right. When your left foot lands, take the next step with your right. Continue in this manner until you reach the top step. Run down or go down on foot. Change your lead leg with each set.

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5. Glute climb stairs: 3-5 sets

Stand facing the stairs, feet hip-width apart. Go up one step with your right foot. Tighten your glutes on the left, pull your left leg up and back. Hold the position for one to two seconds. Lower your left leg, and then take a step upward with your left leg. Repeat until you go upstairs. Run down or go down at a step.

6. Push-ups on the stairs: 3-5 sets

Stand at the bottom step. Use your hands to climb up the stairs until you are in a push-up position. Squeeze out 5-10 times. Walk with your feet to your arms, and then raise your arms until you are back in the push-up position. Squeeze out another 5-10 times. Continue in this manner until you reach the top step. Go down by running or walking. If push-ups are hard for you, do fewer reps.

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7. Climbing stairs: 3-5 sets

You will need a little courage for this exercise. Get on your knees on the top step. Use your hands to walk down the stairs. When your arms are far enough in front, begin to descend with your feet. Slide down the stairs slowly and in a controlled manner. Your shoulders and abdominal muscles will get a gorgeous workout. Run up.

stair workout

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