Benefits of running for beginners -

Benefits of running for beginners

We have the ability to run by nature. In general, this type of physical activity is a great way to maintain your health at the highest level, since in no type of physical culture you will find what running will give you. We are talking about a great figure, Siberian health, as well as a great mood for a long time.

A long time ago, people noticed that jogging helps each person to save life, prolong it, bypassing addictions.

Running exercises are a fairly effective, simple and useful action in which the main part of the muscular and ligamentous apparatus is involved. In the process of doing light, casual jogging in the evenings, your blood circulation begins to work with a vengeance, eliminating the possibility of blood stagnation and the formation of clots. All organs and tissues begin to be saturated with a sufficient amount of oxygen.

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In general, regular jogging in the morning or evening helps to strengthen not only physical capabilities, but also spiritual ones. Many people, for example, love to think while running, completely withdraw into themselves, pondering this or that thought. It is not uncommon for a yesterday’s office worker, having lunch at a fast food restaurant and not distinguished by any kind of mental agility, decides to radically change his life, put his body in order, deal with himself … and chose to run! And for good reason!

Regular jogging in the morning or evening helps to strengthen not only physical capabilities but also spiritual

During jogging, all the active centers of the brain act several times faster, which leads to the solution of a particular problem in the style of “Brilliant, Watson!” Probably, each of us, who at least several times went for a run with heavy thoughts, ended the lesson with an already made decision or a resolved issue with a smile on his face. First, running is fun. In the process of training, a person begins to feel as good as possible, since the main merit in this belongs to the hormones of pleasure, which begin to be released during training. Secondly, the activity of the brain increases, which allows every new runner to comprehend their questions and problems right on the go.

Running as a physical culture

It is believed that running training is the best way to lose weight. Moreover, this type of physical activity is an excellent workout for the heart. Even in ancient times, many ancient philosophers expressed their points of view regarding running. It was at that time that the saying was born: “In a healthy body – a healthy mind!”

What are the benefits of running? First of all, running is great for preventing all cardiovascular diseases that each of us may face. Also, his merit in providing benefits to the body can be attributed to the activation of the metabolism of the heart muscle, the prevention of sclerotic vascular blockages.

Anything that is done without fanaticism is beneficial. As the saying goes, “everything that is not in measure is to the detriment.” It is in these words that there is a huge meaning, since only purposeful training can lead to a tangible decrease in a person’s pulse, normalization of pressure, which can so inappropriately increase over the years.

General tips for a beginner

A great advantage of jogging over other types of physical activity is that you can start jogging today, since you will not need any equipment. Of course, it is worth thinking about what terrain you are going to run on, you should also take into account the features of the landscape. So, for example, if your path to health and great shape will run through rough terrain, look for comfortable shoes, preferably on a high platform, since it acts as a kind of shock absorber that will prevent your feet from feeling pain when they touch the ground.

Yes, it should be noted that you can run almost everywhere, be it a stadium, a forest clearing or a country path among the cottages – the benefits of running exercises will not change from this. As a tip, you can take the fact that the choice of a training site should not coincide with particularly polluted parts of the streets where there is a heavy traffic of cars: you will breathe exhaust gases, which in itself is not good.

In general, jogging is a calm, enjoyable activity. You should not “break” records, try to prove something to yourself through exhausting training, because all this will inevitably lead to health problems and a quick loss of motivation for training exercises. In a word, run at an average pace, feel a surge of happiness, satisfaction from the fact that you have nevertheless taken the first step towards achieving your goal – health and an attractive figure.

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Several rules of running

  1. Observe a deliberate system. You should not chase the amount of time worked in training. And even more so – for the number of “run off” days a week. An excellent result for you will be a system of exercises in the style of “day after day”, since daily stress on the body is unacceptable. Let your body rest.
  2. You need to run in moderation. The training process of classes is simply obliged to exclude overstrain, since the benefits of running exercises just lie in a moderate pace. Before you start jogging, spend a few minutes stretching and warming up, and during the session – choose the optimal speed of movement, which will only bring pleasure. Remember: no one drives you to set records! Keep track of the time and focus only on the actual hours worked at an average speed. Typically, a typical run takes 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. Train yourself to relax. At the very beginning of running workouts, you should not give all your best one hundred percent. As soon as you start exercising, you will immediately notice that the lumbar region will ache noticeably, since the new sensation of stress is not familiar to her. Loosen your pace, try not to focus on the pain, relax. For some time, an unpleasant sensation will be present, but over time it will definitely go away. Nothing comes easy. It’s hard for everyone at first.
  4. Turn running into bodybuilding. Try to alternate your workout at the gym with a run. The benefits of running exercises, coupled with loads in the “simulator” will allow you to quickly gain an excellent shape, acquire the body of an athlete. In addition, such an approach to physical education is a direct path to stable health.
  5. You shouldn’t run with injuries. In the event that you are faced with a problem of stretching or other damage that can cause inconvenience during exercise, it is recommended that you stop physical activity for a while in order to completely rid yourself of such things. Running is a special kind of sport that requires the elimination of painful sensations, so replace your workout with water swimming in the pool at a leisurely pace.
  6. Find the right clothes. During the warmer months, do not try to put on a lot of things. Many people are mistaken, following the principle “more clothes put on – more kilos thrown off”. Dressing warmly, throwing on a lot of things, you expose your body to overheating, which will lead to a rapid loss of strength. Throw on a jersey, put on shorts – and feel especially comfortable while running!

In colder times, it is recommended to wear more thin clothes (2-3 T-shirts) than thick clothes (1-2 sweaters). You will probably feel a little chilly when you leave the house, but by the end of your run you will feel great, which is not the case with the second set.

Combining bodybuilding with running

Today, a large number of novice athletes often ask themselves the question, how does running affect the condition of the figure when exercising in the gym? Here it is worth immediately defining the main point for yourself: what exactly do you want to have at the output, say, in two or three years? If you see yourself as a ripped person, the combination of running and training will only be beneficial. In this case, it is recommended to run three times a week with an actual running time of at least 30 minutes. If your ideal is a voluminous colorful strongman, in this case it is recommended to run no more than twice a week for 20 minutes. Running is a particularly energy-consuming load complex, so it is worth paying attention to this point as well.

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You should not go jogging in crowded places, as it can often be distracting, set in the wrong way. Try to spend your training time in parks, stadiums, outside the city. If you live within the city limits, you are incredibly lucky: there is plenty of room for jogging. If your house is located in the center, find an acceptable park or sports field where no one will bother you. The benefits of running exercises will strengthen character and hardening after a few sessions.

Be healthy!

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