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Endomorph is a type of physique or constitution of a person, at one time defined by the American psychologist W. Sheldon. As well as mesomorph and ectomorph.

One hundred percent endomorph is characterized by the following parameters: spherical body shape; rather large, rounded head; large convex belly; the trunk and chest are wide; these are people of small stature; there is a lot of fat on the hips and shoulders, but the wrists and ankles are narrow. This body constitution is more susceptible to the accumulation of fatty deposits and needs a properly selected diet and special training.

The pluses of the endomorph constitution include a wide bone base. People with this physique easily gain muscle mass, but fat accumulation does not go away well. Moreover, excess deposits are based in the most inappropriate places – buttocks, stomach, chest, making a person look like a barrel.

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The problem of body fat is precisely the disadvantage for the endomorph bodybuilder. The gain of muscle mass occurs easily and quickly, but the relief is not visible due to the layers of adipose tissue. This is true for other strength sports as well. As a result, only a small number of people with such a constitution manage to achieve beautifully traced muscles. The solution will be the use of special sports nutrition in combination with a properly selected diet.

Endomorph training

The most common mistake of endomorphs, due to the rapid set of muscle mass, is that they prefer to work with large weights with small numbers of approaches. While it would be more effective to use moderate load at high intensity and reduce the rest time between repetitions. It is also desirable to increase the duration and frequency of training, perhaps even up to two hours at a time. Thus, we activate the metabolism, make the muscles burn a huge amount of calories, thereby reducing the surrounding fatty tissue and showing relief.

Each sets the number of approaches for himself individually, taking into account the properties of the muscles and the number of slow and fast fibers in them (the so-called muscle composition). Muscle composition is determined using special tests.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that a basic complex is suitable for a person with an endomorph constitution for training. However, do not forget about aerobics! This is another mistake of endomorphs. You can’t just limit yourself to strength training. Aerobics classes need to be practiced three to five times a week, taking at least an hour for them.

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Endomorph nutrition

From the above, it can be seen how important proper nutrition is for the formation of a beautiful relief and a set of muscle mass.

Endomorphs should adhere to the following nutritional rules:

  • It is necessary to significantly reduce the amount of easily digestible carbohydrates (mono and disaccharides).
  • On the contrary, the amount of protein should be increased.
  • Eat special protein shakes.
  • Reduce calories versus endomorph.
  • Diet – 5-6 times a day in small portions.

There are also specially designed diets for gaining muscle mass or forming a relief. They are perfect for endomorphs.

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